Steward Board: Kenneth Mims, Grover C. Ellisor, Aaron Flournoy, Walter James,  Sanders Sorrell, Sonia Fowler, Tamara Oliver, Pamela Branch, Cathleenia Willis Lee, Eddie Carter and Tom Sayles.
Steward Board Emeritus: Lamar Yarbrough, Norma Gray, Stevenson McClendon, and Fred Hamilton
Trustee Board: Alana Sayles, Robert Mims, Verlisa Allen, Ernest Hill, Mayetta Hall, Edward McMillan, James Williams, Brenda Woolage, Shirley Carter, Dominique
Trustee Board Emeritus: Charles Gibson and James Jackson
Stewardess Board: Elouise Yarhrough, Deloris Ann Johnson, Shirley Sorrell, Marguerite Barnes, Carolyn Pipkin, Beverly Conley, Leslie Buggs, Carrie Delane, Leara Mae Jiles, Queen E. Kirby, Gloria J. Legington, Sallie M. McClendon, Vernell Neal, Brenda Smith and Una Turner
Emeritus: Edith M. Delaney, Donnie Hughes, Hattie Laventon, Annie Maxey, Pauline Smith, Sadie Lott and Verneda Turner
Board of Christian Education: Dr. Queen E. Kirby, Kenneth Mims, Rev. Janet Allen, Earnest Hill, Juwana Roberts, Dana Fisher, Sonya Fowler, Rev. Ted Woods, Tamara Oliver, Mayetta Hall, Carolyn Pipkin, Eddie Carter, Walter James, Maxine Minor, Norma Gray, Amber Harris, Pamela Branch & Aaron Flournoy
Missionary President: Amber Harris
Director, Board of Christian Education(Planning and Implementation): Dr. Queen E. Kirby,
Director, Board of Christian Education (Curriculum and Instruction) - TBD

General Sunday Church School Superintendent: Maxine Minor
Adult Mid Week Noon Bible Study -
Norma Gray

Adult Director: TBD
Young Adult Ministry Director/Team Leader: Eddie Carter


Young Adult President:  TBD

Youth Ministry Director/Team Leader: Juwana Roberts

CYF President:  Ja'lon Perry
Children’s Ministry Director/Team Leaders:  Dana Fisher, Sonya Fowler
Voices of Unity Choir President:  Alonia Gail Whitmore

Lay Ministry:  Walter James

Ministry to Men:  Grover C. Elisor

Ushers Ministry:  Shirley Carter
Senior Usher Board President: Shirley Carter
Social Concerns:  Marcia Williams

Electrical:  Tim Pipkin

Audio:  Ken Whitmore

Technology:  Sanders Sorrell

Married Ministry:  TBD

Singles Ministry:  TBD               

Clergy Assignment
  1. Rev. Ted Woods Jr. (Assoc) - Missions and Visitation/Pastoral Care

  2. Rev. Janet Allen - Assistant Pastor, Community Outreach and Curriculum Consultant

  3. Rev. Otto Conley - Sunday School (Temporary Assignment)

“Christ-Centered; Love-Driven; Community-Focused…On Fire For God”