Steward Board Chairperson:  Kenneth Mims

Trustee Board Chairperson: James Williams

 Stewardess Board Chairperson: Elouise Yarhrough

  Missionary President: Amber Harris

Recording Steward:  Tamara Oliver

 Director, Board of Christian Education(Planning & Implementation): Marsha Thomas
Gen. Sunday Church School Supt.: Maxine Minor

 Adult Director: Norma Gray

 Young Adult Director: Eddie Carter

 Youth Director: Juwana Roberts

 Children’s Ministry Director/Team Leader: Dana Fisher & Sonya Fowler
 Christian Youth Fellowship President:  Ja'lon Perry

 Senior Usher Board President: Shirley Carter 
Voices of Unity Choir President: Alonia Whitmore

Lay Ministry Chairperson: Walter James 
Ministry to Men Director: Grover C. Ellisor 

E. V. E. Ministry: * 

Audio Technician: Kenneth Whitmore

Technology:  Sanders Sorrell

Electrical:  Tim Pipkin

Social Concerns:  Marcia Williams

Treasurer:  Grover C. Elisor

"Christ-Centered, Love-Driven, Community-Focused, On Fire for God!