About the Pastor
Rev. Ronald E. Daniels, Sr.
Rev. Ronald E. Daniels, Sr.
Rev. Ronald E. Daniels, Sr. is a pastor, teacher, evangelist, singer, and musician shaped for ministry. He was the eighth child born in the piney woods of East Texas in the city of Longview, to John L. and Edith Daniels. There was always something special about him and his twin brother, Donald, who is also a preacher. His parents were in their mid-forties when Edith gave birth to the twins. He and his brother as small children would pretend to preach standing on the front porch, using a brick pillar as the pulpit.

Many miraculous things have happened in his life to help him understand the calling in his life. He was born left-handed, and his father encouraged him to learn to write right-handed when he was seven. His father died the next year, but Ronald continued to write right-handed. Throughout school he would use both hands to write papers. When one hand would tire out, he would use the other hand. At the age of twenty-two he was in an automobile accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Within six months he was able to walk again, and because his daddy had encouraged him to write with his right hand, he was able to return to work, even with limited ability to use his left hand.

His experience in Swiss Avenue Rehabilitation Hospital in Dallas, Texas allowed him to see many miracles take place while he was learning to walk again. The experience in a wheelchair along with meeting so many patients there with testimonies was the turning point in his life. The experience in an alcohol rehab, and the traumatic experience of a divorce shaped his life for the ministry that God was preparing for him.

He was educated in the Longview Independent School District, at Ned E. Williams, Valley View Elementary, Forest Park Junior High, and Longview High School. His post-secondary education included Kilgore College where he received a license for Substance Abuse Counseling. He studied at the United Theological Seminary and Bible College at the extension campus in Dallas, TX under Rev. Dr. James Hill. Later attending Texas College in Tyler, Texas, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Religion. He received his Texas Teachers Certification from Region 7 in Kilgore, Texas. Along with the Holy Spirit, he thanks God for Dr. James Hill and Dr. Baker-Fletcher (dean of religious studies at TC, who received his doctorate from Harvard), for his deep knowledge and understanding of interpreting the Word of God. He received his Master’s in Education Administration from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. He is currently enrolled at the Interdenominational Theological Center via Phillips School of Theology completing his master's in divinity.

He has work experience at Texas Eastman Chemical Company where he operated the first Distributive Control System (DCS), a system that controlled the process for making polypropylene. He was instrumental in starting two polypropylene plants by writing Standard Operating Procedures. He has managed convenient stores, worked in a behavior hospital, and is currently working at Tyler High School teaching business in the Career and Technology Education Department.

Since accepting his call in the ministry in 1992, he has had the privilege of pastoring Christian Methodist Episcopal Churches at Mt. Zion-Carthage, Pleasant Hill-Leigh, Mt. Pleasant-Kilgore, Moses Chapel-Gilmer, Miles Memorial-Marshall, Starrville CME in Winona, Mt. Zion CME Church in Kilgore and currently Miles Chapel in Houston - all in Texas. He has been known as a people person, because of his undying love for people. Churches have called him a restorer, because of his ability to organize. He has been a musician in several churches that didn’t have musicians, allowing them to experience the full presence of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Daniels is passionate about teaching faith and love, which are the central themes of the bible, and how to properly apply them in our everyday life. As Christians we are justified by faith, we must walk by faith, live by faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God. We are taught that we must love unconditionally, and we must master it to be successful in this life.

He is married to the former Maschell Bradford. He has five daughters and two sons, seven grandchildren, and currently lives in Longview, Texas.