Church History
History of Miles Chapel CME
Miles Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
4315 Lyons Ave.
Houston, Texas 77020
Rev. Ronald E. Daniels, Sr., Senior Pastor
1904 – Present
In 1904, Miles Chapel was organized in a small building on the banks of Buffalo Bayou on the north side of Houston; this spot is where the Prickley Rice Mill once stood.
Re. J.M. Jones was the first Pastor.  His tenure was about three years.  During this era Miles Chapel was demolished by fire and services were held in the home of Mother Drew in the 4500 block of Coke Street.
A few years later Rev. J. A. Hall was appointed Pastor and along with the membership built a small church at the corner of Waco and Coke Street. Two years later, a storm came and destroyed the church building and the members were once again worshipping in the home of Mother Drew on Coke Street. 
At the setting of the Annual Conference Rev. Amos Cherry was sent to pastor Miles Chapel.  Services were still held in the home of Mother Drew.  Rev. Cherry pastored Miles Chapel for one year; afterwhich, he was transferred to the East Texas Conference.
The next Pastor sent to Miles was Re. A.H. Hughes.  He bought a lot on Waco and Vernon Street and built a church there.  At this location the church flourished for eighteen years.
In 1925 Rev. W.Q. Hunter was appointed Pastor. He served a double role as both Pastor and Presiding Elder.  With just a faithful few under Rev. Hunter’s Leadership a new lot was purchased on the corner of Lyons Avenue and Waco Street.  A building was erected and on January 1928 the membership entered their new church home.
Rev. J.H. Merrick was Miles Chapel’s full time Pastor.  He pastored until 1942.
Rev. Curtis Brown came to Miles Chapel in 1942 and found a debt for the church mortgage. The mortgage was paid off and burned in 1943.
In 1947 under Rev. K.C. Phillips’ leadership, our first church parsonage was purchased and paid off in one year.
In 1950 Rev. C.N. Reed came to Miles as pastor and remodeled the inside and outside of the church with bricks, a new piano and new organ.
In 1960 Rev. B.J. Blount came to Pastor Miles Chapel.  In March 1962 tragedy struck again and Miles was completely destroyed by fire. The Annual Conference was scheduled to open at Miles the second week in September 1964.  Under Rev. Blunt’s leadership and the dedication of Miles’ members, the church was rebuilt before the conference convened.  The building was complete with heat, air, and carpet and completely furnished.
In 1963 under Rev. R. B. Moody came to Pastor Miles. Rev. Moody determined the need for outside lights around the church and a church sign.  Under Rev. Moody’s leadership, spiritual growth continued to be one of the church’s primary goals.
In 1969, under Rev. Willie Mays leadership, we celebrated another church mortgage being paid off and burned.
In 1970 under Rev. Aaron Bundage, a new educational wing was added to the church.  This new education wing was named the Caddie B. McLemore building in honor of the great works of Brother Caddie B. McLemore, a faithful member and Trustee of the church.  A fellowship hall with full kitchen facilities was also added to this structure. At the corner of Lyons and Solo Streets, Rev. Watts donated land to the church on which a parsonage was built during the second tenure of Rev. Aaron Bundage. Rev. Aaron Bundage served Miles Chapel for a total of 8 years.
Rev. C. Cowley served as the Pastor of Miles for a number of years.
Rev. Herbert Scott served as Pastor from 3 years.
Rev. K. Cain served as pastor for a number of years.  Under Rev. Cain’s leadership a church van was purchased.  He was instrumental in motivating young people and many confessed Christ under his leadership.  He was a great Bible teacher and inspired many to attend night Bible study.
Rev. C. Webster served as Pastor for a number of years.  Under his administration the Children’s church was built and became viable part of the church structure.
Rev. C. Johnson served as the Pastor and Presiding Elder for one year. Afterwhich, Rev. Johnson focused solely on the ministries of Miles Chapel.  He served as Pastor of Miles for 4 years.  During his tenure as pastor, Rev. Jonson established the furniture ministry and reestablished the 12 o’clock noonday Bible class, which continues strong today.
Rev. JJ “Thunderbolt” Jackson III was pastor of Miles Chapel for four years from August 2010 to July 2014. During his leadership, the administration of the church was brought up to standards.  The payroll accounting, weekly reporting and all codes regarding the church were brought up to standard. 
Rev. Valencia Edner, our current Pastor has completed a tremendous job in leading our church forward.  Several of her accomplishments with the assistance of the congregation includes establishing; the 501C3 “Nehemiah Hands of Hope Ministry”, community ministries, a successful weekly prayer ministry. Most of all Rev. Edner has a vision for Miles Chapel to remain “Christ –Centered; Love Driven; Community focused; On fire for God.”